jeudi, juillet 05, 2007

fleurs de potager

En ce moment, mon petit potager n'est pas bien beau mais heureusement quelques fleurs lui donnent de la gaieté....

boutons de fleurs de courgettes
fleurs de fraises.
Et oui ! Nous sommes début juillet et j'ai encore des fraises à venir et beaucoup même. J'espère que le soleil que nous allons forcément avoir, les feront bien murir ainsi que mes framboises qui sont un peu en standby.
petites fleurs de poivrons verts et un poivron.
Mes poivrons ne sont pas terribles cette année, il manquent de chaleur
fleur de concombre
Le début fut laborieux mais mes concombres commencent à venir, je opense en grande quantité. Heuresuement que j'ai planté qu'un pied

Oh ! Elle est belle celle-là !
Elles donnent bien mes courgettes cette année ! Et à vitesse grand V

Fleur de Ciboulette

6 commentaires:

luke156 a dit…

awesome series, good luck with the harvest! nice close-ups too! claude

Anonyme a dit…

Nice photographs. One looks very much like the strawberry plants we have here.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Z a dit…

My little potted chives have the blue blossoms as well. Hey, do you eat the squash/pumpkin/zucchini blossoms? A friend from Mexico used to make a light egg batter to dip the blossoms into, and then fried them. I don't make them myself, but they were good. Some blossoms were even on sale at the farmers market where I lived in Maryland!

Thank you for mentioning Barry on my blog. I updated my post.

All Blog Spots a dit…

nice blog

claude a dit…

Z No I did never eat squash blossoms.( I have no pumpkin in my garden) What is zucchini ? I know we can eat squash blossom fritters but I did never try. You just give me a good idea !
You know Barry ? You know the movie ?

Z a dit…

Zucchini is courgette:

I've heard about Barry, and his story was given a section at the museum. You know, in his honor, there's always one dog named Barry at the hospice nowadays. :-)

There was also a poster of this movie that I think you saw, but I didn't think to take a photo of it. I haven't seen it, and since I don't like sad animal stories (like you!), I don't think I'll try to see it.